Walter Burns Memorial Fishing Day

IMG_5161We get invited to participate in many events, but unfortunately due to time commitments (and this thing called “school”) we have to limit the number we can attend. This past Friday, Kid In Outdoors was invited to join the 41st Annual Walter Burns Memorial Fishing Day in Greenland, NH and after learning more about the organization, there was no way we were going to miss this incredibly special event.

Approximately 150 children with special needs were invited to a private pond for an amazing day of games and fishing. My mom and I got there around 8:30 am and helped set up some of the stations, but basically waited for the fun to begin. It was a chilly morning and I wore shorts – maybe a mistake! I waited for the sun to warm things up.

IMG_5162Buses started arriving around 9 am and kids of all ages and with many different needs and disabilities began chatting with us. We started the day at the casting contest station, and a boy name Dillon stepped up to try his luck. Wow, did he let the plug sail! He had the team searching the field for where it landed and I think he ended up in the 120′ range. Impressive! Andrew did well and was very accurate after practicing off to the side for awhile – his cast was straight as an arrow. Chris was just funny – talking to us and showing enthusiasm all around. There was a steady stream of kids wanting to try their luck at casting the furthest!

Then the bell rang to officially kick off fishing. The pond had recently been stocked with fish – trout, I believe – and everyone wanted to wet a line and get a lunker! Hundreds of people lined the bank of the pond: volunteers, teachers, and participants. It was a beautiful day and the kids were having a blast.


But it wasn’t catching a fish or winning a contest that made these kids – and this event – special for me. It was their pure joy. This truly was an amazing day for them. I see so many kids who complain that they can’t use their phones or they’d rather be doing something else on our nature field trips – not these kids! They threw themselves into it 110%.

32955526_1259071524222734_7967373236994310144_oMany kids have come for years and look forward to the day. I overheard a girl about my age say, “This is the best day of the year!” The volunteers told a story of how a participant slipped on the banking last year and fell into the water, and when they pulled her out she was laughing and giggling and having the time of her life.

So it doesn’t matter if you are developmentally disabled, in a wheelchair, if you have physical challenges or if you need special assistance – what the Walter Burns Memorial Fishing Day showed me is how appreciative and fun and joyful this amazing group of kids is and I can’t wait to spend more time with them in the future. They enjoy the outdoors – like me!

SummerGrace Photography was onsite and took some great photos (many of the ones of this page – thanks for sharing!!!)  – an album is online here.


He’s BACK…

A lot can happen when you take a break…middle school…a move…life! So when we say we are sorry for being so quiet, we mean it.

But that does NOT mean Casting Carter wasn’t crazy busy behind the scenes! He was learning about life AND the outdoors as he was growing up – and now he’s back and better than ever!

With a newly launched website and a bunch of upcoming events, we can’t wait to see you this year.

So…let’s stay in touch?! Let me know what you want to see!

Oh, and check out the updated site – hope you like it…

Behind the Camera, On the Water

(to see a video about my adventure, click HERE)

Friday was a great day: the skies were blue, the air was cool for Spring but warming up, and we were able to start a long weekend. It was the perfect day to meet up with Mark Beauchesne from the NH Fish & Game Department on beautiful Lake Winnasquam and film a fishing show for New Hampshire’s Wild Side, a great outdoor adventure TV show that the Fish & Game department produces for WBIN TV (Boston/Manchester) that you can catch Saturdays at 7:00 am and Sundays at 11:00 pm (see local listing times here – you can also view in MA and VT from what I understand – and it is available on the NH F&G YouTube Channel.

Casting Carter and Mark Beauchesne
Casting Carter and Mark Beauchesne

Mark loaded his boat in the water, and my Mom and Dad loaded our boat, as they were going to be the camera boat for us! Jason, our camera man, arrived and he outfitted me with a teeny tiny little camera that I wore under my clothes so that even if he was on the other boat filming, he could hear every word that Mark and I said.

Jason fitting Casting Carter with a mic
Jason fitting Casting Carter with a mic

Now, we are off!

Filming from the Camera Boat
Filming from the Camera Boat

Trying to find some fish. To pass the time and get some good content for the show, Mark asked me about where I like to fish, how I got started, what lures I like to use, if I have advice for young anglers, about my business (Kid In Outdoors, LLC), my mission to get kids OFF of video games and back into the outdoors.

I kept him entertained with my accents and impersonations.

Filming the fishing TV show
Filming the fishing TV show

In the end, I think Mark caught a lot more fish than I did. I was busy talking and being an entertainer – I did a great job with my baitcaster and was able to talk about a lot of different lures that day though. I can’t wait to see how the episode comes out!

NH Fish & Game

Do you know about all the amazing things the Fish & Game department does? Most people just think they sell hunting and fishing licenses, which of course they do if you are old enough to need one (I don’t yet!) but they also are an AMAZING public resource whose mission is to:

  • Conserve, manage and protect the state’s fish, wildlife, and marine resources and their habitats;
  • Inform and educate the public about these resources;
  • Provide the public with opportunities to use and appreciate these resources.

There is a ton of educational material on their website. They do a great job. Plus, EVENTS! We try to go to as many of their events as we can. They are often FREE! So check them out. Other states too – your local F&G department is there for you! Fund them! Support them! Love them! We do!

To see a montage video about all the stuff we did behind the scenes of the TV show that day, check this out!

Oh, and while you are at it, I produce a ton of great short videos. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a single episode of my Bobber Bites!

I’ll let you know when the episode airs – keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter for the announcement! Thanks!

Haddock and Pollock and Redfish, Oh My!

Saturday was EPIC.

(If you want to skip all this and just see an amazing montage music video, click here…)

I’d never been ocean fishing before.

Well, I say never. Last time I went ocean fishing I looked like this…

Casting Carter's first boat trip at 9 months old
Carter’s first time on a boat – 9 months old.  5/2008

Then, I found out Tim Moore was filming an episode on the ocean – and I was going to be his SPECIAL GUEST!!! That meant waking up at 3:30 am and driving to Kittery, ME where we would join Captain Larry and Cameraman Chuck to go on our adventure – search for haddock, pollock and redfish, oh my!! They predicted it to be cool, windy and rainy, but I was ready.

Casting Carter on the way to the ocean
Bright eyed and bushy tailed at 3:30 in the morning!

The rain held off (yippee!) and we saw the sunrise over Portsmouth Harbor. We even saw a whale and seals where there are normally not whales!

whale video
Tim Moore’s video of whales in Portsmouth Harbor by 2KR buoy.

Finally we made it to Captain Larry from Hardcore Angler’s secret fishing spot. Did you know that these fish live DEEP!? Like 200 feet below the surface of the water?! WOW! Larry brought us a boatload of haddock, some pollock, redfish and some amazing cod…unfortunately, you can’t keep cod anymore. 😦

Haddock must be 17 inches to keep. We were catching them well over 17″!

So what did we use for bait? Mackerel and large sea clams! The hooks also had feathers on them to attract the fish.

Mackerel and sea clam bait
Mackerel and sea clam bait
Hook with a clam bait
Hook with a clam bait
Hook with mackerel bait
Hook with mackerel bait

Pollock were fun to catch too – but they were smaller and darker on top.

Casting Carter with a small pollock
Casting Carter with a small pollock

The reels we used were like big baitcasters. You had to keep your thumb on the spool or they would birdsnest. Oh, and you don’t cast. You just let the line drop to the bottom.

One time I had a very hard time reeling in my fish and you know why??? I had TWO haddock on AT THE SAME TIME!!! How lucky was that?!

Casting Carter with a double catch of haddock!
Casting Carter with a double catch of haddock!

Redfish were funny – they had eyes that bugged out and they live about 250 feet down (so do the other fish) but redfish don’t like the surface and few survive if we catch them and throw them back. They become seagull food I think.

2015-05-16 07.34.52

Finally, I ended up catching the boat’s “Catch of the Day” – a 26 inch beautiful cod. She came up with a shrimp and a starfish in her mouth! We had to let her go…

2015-05-16 12.48.29


We filmed more for Tim’s TV show, Tim Moore Outdoors TV, and wrapped up our day.

Casting Carter and Tim Moore
Casting Carter and Tim Moore

I can’t wait to see the episode! We’ve been eating yummy haddock for the last couple of days thanks to Tim’s filleting skills on the boat.

Tim filleted all of our haddock
Tim filleted all of our haddock

I want to thank Tim, Chuck and Captain Larry for a day I will never forget. Now I am also “hooked” on ocean fishing…hmm…to split my time between the sea and the lake…

2015-05-16 12.22.37

If you want to live this adventure, I highly recommend contacting Captain Larry at Hardcore Anglers. He was amazing. He can be reached via his website or his Facebook page and tell him Casting Carter sent you! He will supply everything you need to enjoy a day on the water – rods and reels, bait, safety equipment. You should plan to bring your own drinks, snacks and lunch. And plenty of muscle power!

Tim, Captain Larry and Casting Carter
Tim, Captain Larry and Casting Carter

And for other great adventures, please be sure to follow my good friend Tim Moore Outdoors. He will be doing a TV show all about our fun time on the water – stay tuned!

Here’s a video montage of the day. See how much FUN we had?!?!


Casting Carter, signing off.

Nerdy Podcasts and Why I’m Afraid My Mom is Going to Eat Me

I’d only done one podcast before. It was at the NH Fish & Game Hunting & Fishing Day Expo in September 2014 – and it was with the Fish Nerds. But it never aired as they had a lot of content – and Dave said his idea didn’t actually work the way he wanted it to (it was “name that fish” where he held up photos and he tried to stump me with the species – too visual for a podcast LOL).

Fish Nerd Dave & Casting Carter at the NH Fish & Game Hunting & Fishing Day Expo September 2014
Casting Carter catching up with the Fish Nerds at the NH Fish & Game Hunting & Fishing Day Expo September 2014

So we stayed in touch and when Dave was in the area this Spring I invited him to my dining room to do another podcast. This time we decided to talk about Bluegill. I did a lot of research – I watched YouTube videos, googled facts and wrote them all in a notebook – even asked Siri “How fast does a Bluegill swim?”


Who knew?

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. His headphones were too big so I used my own kid-sized ones. And I kept forgetting to hold the microphone really close, so he reminded me. We laughed a lot!


He even gave me some Fish Nerds stickers!

Want to see what it’s like behind the scenes of a podcast? I’ll give you a brief look…check out this video.

This week, the Fish Nerds published our podcast! It’s called…drum roll please…

Ghetto Omelettes, Missing Paddlefish and Mr. Carter (I’m Mr. Carter!) My part starts at 59 minutes. If you want to know why I’m afraid my mom is going to eat me, you have to listen to the podcast. The whole thing is really good though. All their podcasts are really good – and funny! I liked Bears Bizzy Baits too.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.56.15 AM

OK I’ll wrap up now, but before I do I want to encourage you to SUPPORT THIS GREAT SHOW. I did! I am spending just a bit of my allowance to keep these guys on the air because I LOVE THEM. Become a Patreon today. You can do just a few cents a podcast. A cup of coffee people! They are over an hour long! Think of all the work they do to give us this great content! Please please please – keep the Fish Nerds…nerdy. For me. Tell them Casting Carter sent you.

My First Tournament Weigh-In

(I put together a fun quick summary video – if you just want to see it – skip down to the video at the bottom of the post rather than reading all this! Otherwise, ENJOY!)

I’ve never been IN a bass tournament, and I’ve never been TO a tournament weigh-in. So when I heard that the FLW Rayovac Series was coming to Lake Champlain (where we camp) I was so excited! DAD! MOM! CAN WE GO!!!??? Well, Plattsburgh, NY is quite a car ride away, so I never thought we would take time away on a beautiful FISHING Saturday to actually go.

So IMAGINE my surprise when my Dad said “hurry up and eat your lunch – we are taking the BOAT TO PLATTSBURG for the 2 pm final weigh-in!” It was like my birthday and Christmas both came early.

We all jumped in the boat with a friend (hey, Matt), took a quick “boatie” (that’s a selfie on a boat), and we were OFF.

2014-07-19 13.51.20

(Excuse the missing teeth…it’s tough to be six. And eat corn on the cob at the moment)

We zoomed across the lake and made it just after weigh-in started. I met SO MANY wonderful bass pros and co-anglers! One of the guys from FLW gave me an Evinrude Motors  hat. Thanks!

Then I learned that they put the bass in these big bags to carry them and keep them alive until they can be weighed. And there are these tanks all along the way and at the end. They use the tanks to give the fish fresh water. How nice?!


One by one the anglers went across the stage and weighed their five fish. If they had enough to be first, they sat in the “hot seat” under an umbrella to let people know they were #1.


Then the winners were announced. It was very exciting and I got to meet lots of great people!

Destin DeMarion (@DestinedToFish) was very, very cool – I want to fish with him someday.


Mike McDonald gave me all sorts of pointers as he’s been fishing for years and told me that the white chatterbait he used was key (they he GAVE it to me – but don’t tell the FLW guys – he wouldn’t give it to them!!!)


Then I met Cory Johnson – he was really nice too and we talked about our favorite lures. When I said I had never fished the type of jig he happened to win this one on, he went all the way to his boat to get one for me! What a great guy!


Derek Bigford told me he was also a gym teacher and loved kids so I was happy to chat with him about how I’m helping kids get out and enjoy the outdoors.


Finally, I met the guy who won first place in the co-angler division. He won a BOAT!!! He looked kinda young so Mom asked him about his age. HE’S ONLY 16!!!!! That’s 10 years older than me! And he won a boat! He’s just a kid too! Wow!!!! Congrats Zachary Francis – I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more of you on the pro side and maybe WE can go fishing together too!


Then it was time to head back. Once the awards were announced, no one really stuck around for very long. I think it was a LONG three days for them. Wow. 15 little fish…and all this! It was so exciting!

Check out the video of my trip and first weigh-in!!

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Bass Pro Shops: Learning Something New

This weekend, we visited one of my favorite places (well, besides on the water.) Bass Pro Shops. They recently opened one near my home and because it is right next door to Walmart, well, we are there a lot. Like, almost daily.

For the past few weeks, they’ve had this event for kids going on. I haven’t stayed in the store long enough to check it out…until this past trip when Dad was looking at some new reels and Mom was with us, so I asked if I could go.

2014-07-13 17.03.03


A quick sign of the waiver and we were off – safety first! The sign directed us outside and the activities seemed geared towards kids 12 and under, although I would say 10 and under would be better.

The first activity I wanted to try was pellet (BB) shooting. I’ve never tried it! The instructor Cory was great. He handed me a pair of safety glasses and went over how to use the safety on the riffle before I could even touch anything. Once I had that down, I had to use my muscles! OK…ready, aim, fire! (I missed, all three shots, but that’s OK!)

2014-07-13 16.57.50

2014-07-13 16.58.12

2014-07-13 16.59.02

2014-07-13 17.00.11

(Mom and Dad say I have to work on my position…)

Next it was off to archery! Again, safety first. I received a lesson on proper handling of the bow and arrow, but I have shot before so it was quicker this time. Now, ready…aim…

2014-07-13 17.02.03

2014-07-13 17.02.35


The last thing was a casting activity. I think I have this one down! LOL They had a kid’s rod and reel with a rubber weight and then three GINORMOUS bass set up on the ground with buckets for mouths. It was fun!

2014-07-13 17.06.50-2

2014-07-13 17.07.03-1

What? No baitcasters?

I think I’ll stick to REAL fishing though.

At the end, Pam gave me a cute wooden fish as a parting gift – I can color it and I told her I was going to try and rig it for bait. I wonder if it’ll work? Hmmmm…

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Bass Pro Shops in Hooksett, NH for the amazing kids Summer Camp program. Because of you, future sportspeople from all over New England got to experience how wonderful the great outdoors is and I hope you can continue the programs!

~ Casting Carter

In case you are new to Casting Carter – welcome! I’m a 6-yr-old entrepreneur (Kid In Outdoors, LLC) who loves to fish and spend time outdoors! I’m dreaming of sharing my passion with other kids and making it a reality so make sure to follow me – @CastingCarter  on twitter, @CastingCarter on instagram, and 

Amoskeag Fishway Trip

School is out so that means one thing: I’m bored. Since Mom and Dad haven’t won the lottery yet, we don’t live on a lake. It has now been 10 days since I have gone fishing (we missed last weekend because it was Father’s Day and we worked in the yard and had a BBQ rather than going to the Lake).

Mom is trying to keep me entertained while doing “educational” stuff. Earlier this week we went to an art museum. It was fun, but it didn’t have any fish.


Today I think she hit the jackpot.

She said she had a surprise and we headed out. Now kids…if you haven’t been here, I need you to tell your parents to take you to the AMOSKEAG FISHWAYS in Manchester, NH. First off, there’s no charge to get in (Mom threw in $5 to a donation box when we walked in but it was just a donation – so low cost family fun).

But it was ALL ABOUT FISH.

Here’s a video with all the things I did while I was there.

Holly, our guide, was great. Tell her I sent you. She will tell you all about how they are protecting the environment and the Merrimack River. And all the fish that live in it. And she loves lampreys. They have summer programs for kids and families too! I would recommend a couple hours to do everything. 


There’s a lot of (what mom calls) interactive stuff but I didn’t get to touch any fish today. Maybe next time. Holly said they do that during special programs.

Oh! And the fish ladder was open! It is open in May and June so the fish can get through on the Merrimack River – it’s really cool! And next door under this big brick building they are making hydro power using the water from the river. I love that!

Hope you can make the trip to learn about all the cool things happening in Manchester, NH at the Amoskeag Fishways! Go to to learn more and plan your day. I’m glad my Mom did!




Meeting a Pro: Mike DelVisco

Last night, a Bassmaster Pro – Mike DelVisco – visited our local Texas Roadhouse and Mom and Dad took me down to see him! We braved the cool New England weather (sorry about that Mike) and ventured out in the drizzle. His boat and truck were right there in the parking lot!

2014-05-28 18.33.00

They were covered in stickers – it was so cool! Mike invited me up on  to the boat and we talked about fishing, lures…it was great.

2014-05-28 18.28.21

I brought along my favorite magazines – Bassmasters and New England Game and Fish – and we talked about them too. Then he signed a picture I brought: it was of me last year with the biggest bass I ever caught. Thanks Mike!

2014-05-28 18.30.29

Mom and Dad brought me inside for dinner – Mike eventually came in (I think he was frozen by then) and he came over and talked to us again. He signed a t-shirt and gave it to me! I wore it to school today!

2014-05-28 19.54.23

I learned all about what I need to do to be a pro. He told me he fished his first tournament when he was just 15 and Bassmasters at 17 or 18 (senior in High School), and that his favorite lures are top water, and his biggest bass was 11 lbs 14 oz. Wow! He also lives in Tennessee. I want to fish there sometime!

I’m excited having met a Bassmaster! Lots of ideas for Casting Carter. Thanks for reading! Oh, and make sure to follow me on all my NEW social media sites:

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