Amoskeag Fishway Trip

School is out so that means one thing: I’m bored. Since Mom and Dad haven’t won the lottery yet, we don’t live on a lake. It has now been 10 days since I have gone fishing (we missed last weekend because it was Father’s Day and we worked in the yard and had a BBQ rather than going to the Lake).

Mom is trying to keep me entertained while doing “educational” stuff. Earlier this week we went to an art museum. It was fun, but it didn’t have any fish.


Today I think she hit the jackpot.

She said she had a surprise and we headed out. Now kids…if you haven’t been here, I need you to tell your parents to take you to the AMOSKEAG FISHWAYS in Manchester, NH. First off, there’s no charge to get in (Mom threw in $5 to a donation box when we walked in but it was just a donation – so low cost family fun).

But it was ALL ABOUT FISH.

Here’s a video with all the things I did while I was there.

Holly, our guide, was great. Tell her I sent you. She will tell you all about how they are protecting the environment and the Merrimack River. And all the fish that live in it. And she loves lampreys. They have summer programs for kids and families too! I would recommend a couple hours to do everything. 


There’s a lot of (what mom calls) interactive stuff but I didn’t get to touch any fish today. Maybe next time. Holly said they do that during special programs.

Oh! And the fish ladder was open! It is open in May and June so the fish can get through on the Merrimack River – it’s really cool! And next door under this big brick building they are making hydro power using the water from the river. I love that!

Hope you can make the trip to learn about all the cool things happening in Manchester, NH at the Amoskeag Fishways! Go to to learn more and plan your day. I’m glad my Mom did!




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