Nerdy Podcasts and Why I’m Afraid My Mom is Going to Eat Me

I’d only done one podcast before. It was at the NH Fish & Game Hunting & Fishing Day Expo in September 2014 – and it was with the Fish Nerds. But it never aired as they had a lot of content – and Dave said his idea didn’t actually work the way he wanted it to (it was “name that fish” where he held up photos and he tried to stump me with the species – too visual for a podcast LOL).

Fish Nerd Dave & Casting Carter at the NH Fish & Game Hunting & Fishing Day Expo September 2014
Casting Carter catching up with the Fish Nerds at the NH Fish & Game Hunting & Fishing Day Expo September 2014

So we stayed in touch and when Dave was in the area this Spring I invited him to my dining room to do another podcast. This time we decided to talk about Bluegill. I did a lot of research – I watched YouTube videos, googled facts and wrote them all in a notebook – even asked Siri “How fast does a Bluegill swim?”


Who knew?

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. His headphones were too big so I used my own kid-sized ones. And I kept forgetting to hold the microphone really close, so he reminded me. We laughed a lot!


He even gave me some Fish Nerds stickers!

Want to see what it’s like behind the scenes of a podcast? I’ll give you a brief look…check out this video.

This week, the Fish Nerds published our podcast! It’s called…drum roll please…

Ghetto Omelettes, Missing Paddlefish and Mr. Carter (I’m Mr. Carter!) My part starts at 59 minutes. If you want to know why I’m afraid my mom is going to eat me, you have to listen to the podcast. The whole thing is really good though. All their podcasts are really good – and funny! I liked Bears Bizzy Baits too.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 9.56.15 AM

OK I’ll wrap up now, but before I do I want to encourage you to SUPPORT THIS GREAT SHOW. I did! I am spending just a bit of my allowance to keep these guys on the air because I LOVE THEM. Become a Patreon today. You can do just a few cents a podcast. A cup of coffee people! They are over an hour long! Think of all the work they do to give us this great content! Please please please – keep the Fish Nerds…nerdy. For me. Tell them Casting Carter sent you.

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