Getting Hooked On Life…and the Outdoors!

When everyone else wants to play video games or watch TV and you want to go outside and explore, what do you do? Well, if you are a six-year-old boy in New England, you start your own company (Kid In Outdoors, LLC) and become a national advocate for helping kids break device addiction! Casting Carter is a real kid – who is now older than six – but understands the challenges that kids face from their peers when it comes to video games and finding fun outside in all four seasons. He helps parents work with their kids to get outside, and talks to kids – in a way kids appreciate and understand – to make them realize how much they are missing by not spending more time in the great outdoors. He’s very active (via his parents) on social media, at events all over New England and beyond, and makes regular appearances on television shows and industry publications to spread his message. Check him out on his website:

Fishing tips and tricks from a pint-sized pro dedicated to getting kids off video games and outdoors

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